20 Ways to Be Stylish

The art of dressing is quite some learning to do. It takes an effort to be stylish. An old proverb says habit is second to nature that is why effortless style is a habit for some. But, don’t get that wrong. While they are effortlessly stylish and fashionable, they are still guided by certain fashion principles which have eventually become part of their system over time. Those habits are not difficult to learn. You will later come to a point where you don’t need to think about it anymore because it has become a part of your daily routine. 

Follow through these 20 habits of stylish men and ty them for yourself:

1. Being Comfortable

There are two elements here. 

A) You are confident with what you are wearing

To feel your best and to be best-dressed, you should be confident in your outfit. Because you are confident, you feel comfortable. Understand that your appearance reflects your values, business, and lifestyle. Dressing accordingly builds comfort. 

B) Everything you wear perfectly fits you

If you want to be in style, don’t be pennywise and pound foolish. Just because you probably can save now doesn’t mean you’ll have no problems later. Even with a 90{09c4984b2daad12ea44dc04bb543566d84c83d28b9c75f61575496cafc88c793} discount, a stylish man wouldn’t bother buying anything if it doesn’t fit. 

2. Dress According To Your Body, Event, And Dress For Yourself

You know what, vanity never rules a stylish man. He is not overruled by current fashion trends isn’t worth setting their better sense of judgment aside. 

He wears whatever is fit to his body type, to the event, to the weather and to hi,  lifestyle. Just because something looks good on the magazine doesn’t mean it’s gonna be his going toce of style.

He wears whatever is appropriate for their location’s climate. He wears clothing that fits his natural features. He wears according to the dress code set in an event or who his audience are. 

3. Knows His Tailor’s Name

It’s not everyday you can find a skilled tailor that can create an attire perfect for your body. That is why it is, important to build a trusting and warm relationship with your tailor. 

You can have your clothing adjusted, from formal to casual to jeans. Your wardrobe should fit your body. 

4. Knows His Hair Stylist

If possible, set a schedule every month to have your haircut. You can also prepay so you will really show up to your appointment. Just like your tailor, knowing your barber or hair shairstylistry important. They know what style looks best on you. Also, get away from the idea of cramming. You don’t want to end up with a bad cut, or at an expensive salon which might fail to give you the style that suits you. 

5. Maintains His Clothes

A true stylish man knows his clothes and the general upkeep of them. He knows how to wash them especially the delicate ones. Batch processing system can save time and energy. That means washing them all together once a week and letting them dry naturally. 

Also, it is important to have your clothing fixed right away. Don’t fix them only when you need them. Broken buttons, dirty shoes. Keep everything ready in one go. If you don’t have time but you have some funds, send it to the cleaners. 

6. Is Organized

A stylish man knows where his clothes, accessories and shoes are. organize everything so you won’t hop from one place to another just looking for your belt or your tie. Having everything dedicated in its own place can save time and energy.

7.  Price And Comfort

It doesn’t matter if it’s on a 90{09c4984b2daad12ea44dc04bb543566d84c83d28b9c75f61575496cafc88c793} discount or not. You buy a clothing because it has high quality and can be worn multiple times instead of buying cheap ones but are for one-time use. 

8.  Function And Comfort Over Style

Do not sacrifice comfort just to follow the current trend rage.Put functionality and comfort always at the top but still consider the aesthetics and how you might look. There’s a significant difference between dressing up and simply covering your body.

9. Setting The Details

Plan ahead your outfit the night before. Store everything, your accessories along with your outfit so you could just grab them in one go. Saves time and is efficient in keeping all your things intact. 

10. Give Compliment But Don’t Force Your Fashion Style To Others. 

As a general rule, never push your ideas on someone else if they’re not even asking for it. We all have opinions but that doesn’t mean you can say it whenever you want. 

11. Owning A Perfectly Fitted Dark Suit

It pays to own at least one well-fitting dark suit. This may come in handy for weddings, business meetings, funeral, work presentation, or anyevent that calls for one. 

12. Color Is A Spice

Spice up your wardrobe by splashing some color on it. Spruce up an otherwise plain outfit by using color that complements it well. Break the ice from your solid-colored ensemble by matching it up with brightly colored socks. 

13. Workout Clothes Are Just For Workout

Just because you just got out from the gym doesn’t mean you are going to wear that gym outfit out at a friend’s party. That is no excuse to expose your gears. Yes, your tracks are comfortable but don’t show up at an airport for an international airport with those. It also implies a lazy attitude. 

14. The Power Of Scent Is Key

Women, take note, are easily attracted by scent. Actually, this is number oe criteria for mate-selection. It is also very important to pay close attention to your body. Shower daily to keep yourself clean, avoid foods that might affect your natural body odor, and finally, select a suitable scent that’s not too strong but ideal.

15. Your Measurements Matter 

In this case, better keep them handy. Save it on your phone or write down on a paper and keep them in your bag- somewhere you can easily access when shopping. 

Don’t force yourself to clothes that doesn’t fit. Always buy the right size for you. And buy the ones with your CURRENT size. 

16. Having A Wardrobe Of Your Style

Your wardrobe should be something that works your lifestyle. A fully functional wardrobe have 21 core items that are appropriate for most occasions. Just make sure that you like everything that you have so you don’t go about not wearing most of them at all. 

17.  Buy Duplicates

Not necessarily everything in your wardrobe but just those that are your favorite interchangeable items. This is also ideal for item that need to be work more than thrice a week. Always make sure you have a substitute for it. 

18.  Understand What The Rules Are And Know When To Break Them

You first have to know the rules before you can confidently break them. You can’t break the rulers yet until you know how it works and when to properly do so. 

19. Well-Groomed

A stylish man is well-groomed. Cut your nails, trim your beard, check your eyebrow and nose hair. You don’t wanna get caught in sudden surprises that might need all those mentioned done. Grooming should be a part of your routine. 

20. Let Go Of Your Worn-Outs

It may be hard for you to let go of your favorites but you don’t wanna hoard either. So, whenever you purchase something new, donate an older item opr give them to someone. This way, you are keeping a minimal but functional wardrobe that can come in handy anytime you want. 

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