Men’s Formal Shoes Types

Most men need a suit and tie. But all men definitely need formal shoes at least once in their life. But choosing your formal shoes or dress shoes is not as simple as it sounds either. A pair of dress shoes should do these two things: enhance your wardrobe and fit the occasion well.  But

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Eight Ways to Tie a Tie

There’s no denying, men must have used a tie at least once in their life – prom, baptism, birthday, wedding – you name it, they use it. It’s an outfit staple. However, most men use a specific tie knot their entire lives. Not that because humans are creatures of habit but because there are no

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Dress Shirts

A man’s dress shirt is an essential piece of clothing that can either make you look stunning or not-so-good-looking at all. It can be a stand-alone piece or worn for complementing your sports jacket.  However, in the absence of a jacket, your dress shirt will speak on behalf of your outfit. Make sure this non-verbal

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The Importance of Fragrance

Folks, this article is something you wouldn’t want to miss.  Let’s talk about fragrance. How you small says a lot about your personal style. Remember, smelling good not only makes you more attractive but it also lessens your stress and boosts your confidence.  Here’s Why You Should Wear Your Cologne 1. It makes you more

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The 3-Button Rule

How do you properly button your suit? Since there are 3 of them, how do you button them? Do you button only the first one, the middle one, the last one, or all of them together?  Men are always in a business attire so there’s no better idea than keeping the 3-button rule in handy.

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Keeping Your Ties in Shape

We know that a tie completes your attire. Aside from that, ties also quickly create a variation in your wardrobe because of their different colors and designs. Especially if you are more into wearing white shirts, your tie creates that spice in your outfit. However, ties are delicate just as any other clothing item. If

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Dressing up For Big Events

In this modern day world, man is known to be always concerned about how they would look like in public. They say a little but their appearance tells so much of they are and what their tastes are. In the life of a man, like women, he too has quite a number of several occasions

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