Properly Folding a Pocket Square

In this article lies the art of sporting a pocket square. Indeed, we have come a long way in rediscovering how elegant and artistic wearing suits can be. For the past four decades or so, breast pockets were used to store sunglasses or business cards. Some would even keep the stitching that comes with a new suit. 

The pocket square is such a small accessory but adds so much to your entire outfit. It allows men to express themselves and vary their looks without necessarily purchasing a bunch of suits. You can add an interesting detail to your outfit without trying too hard. That’s how a pocket square works. 

The History Of Pocket Squares

Pocket squares can go all the way back to the ancient Greeks. This was when wealthy Greeks carry perfumed handkerchiefs as early as 500 B.C.  English, and French noblemen also carry perfumed handkerchiefs around to cover their noses from the streets and other people as well. 

By the 1900’s, a pocket square tucked into a man’s breast pocket has become a staple piece of clothing. 

Guidelines To Wearing A Pocket Square

Don’t wear a naked suit: A suit just doesn’t look like one if it doesn’t have a breast pocket, thus the term ‘naked suit.’ Add some pocket square that matches the suit’s color to complete your look. It just looks better this way. 

Color coordination: A pocket square can come in patterned or solid-colored fabrics. The general rule is to wear a color that coordinates that of your suit. If your tie has some bold red color on it, try matching it off with a pocket square with a hint of red. Do not match exact colors, so you don’t look overrated. A white pocket square can always come in handy because it just matches any color of your tie. 

Folding A Pocket Square

When it comes to the fold, there are simple and complicated ones, but it will always boil down to what you like most. 

1. Straight Fold

The simplest among all pocket folds. The straight fold will end up with a small rectangle peeking from your pocket suit.

To fold:

– Lay it flat

– Bring the left side to the right side

– Bring the bottom upward but not all the way up

– Fold it in thirds to fit your pocket suit. 

2. One Corner Fold

With this fold, a small fabric will peak out from your pocket. 

To fold:

– Lay your fabric on a flat surface. One corner should face up and the other down, like a diamond.

– Bring the bottom to the top, creating a triangle.

– Bring the left corner to the right and the right to the left. You will have a  long rectangle with a pointed top.

– Fold the bottom upward but not all the way up.

– Place it in your suit and adjust until the desired amount of point is coming out. 

3. Puff Fold

This fold is also one of the simplest folds. You will end up with a small puff of fabric coming out from your pocket.

To fold:

– Lay the fabric flat

– Pinch in the middle to naturally allow folds to come in.

– Firmly hold the pocket square and gently gather it together using one hand.

– Slowly gather up the bottom of the pocket square.

– Place in your suit and adjust to your desired puffiness. 

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