Dressing up For Big Events

In this modern day world, man is known to be always concerned about how they would look like in public. They say a little but their appearance tells so much of they are and what their tastes are. In the life of a man, like women, he too has quite a number of several occasions where he must be appropriately dressed for, regardless of what his economic status is. It tells so much of who he is, what he values in life, and how people should treat and approach him. 

Proms, graduation parties, dates, bachelor’s party, his own wedding, business trips, these are just a few of the occasions where a man must be properly dressed. Therefore, he needs to know the basics in order for him to avoid the embarrassment of being overdressed or underdressed. Either way, like women, men have this dilemma too. 

Here are some basics of what men should know about dressing up appropriately. 

First and foremost, men should always understand what type of event are they being invited to. It is important that you have an idea of what the event will be, who will the guests be, and what activities you can possibly engage during the said event. Being dressed wrongly in an occasion can affect your confidence and even your reputation. Building relationships with other people can also start from how you dress up. The way you look sends a non-verbal communication that would either help you or embarrass you. 

Black Tie (Evening Dress)

This style is for formal events such as weddings, fancy dates, formal dinner with the company you work with and the like. Usual evening dresses are tuxedos and black tie. Black ties never go out of place on every formal occasion. Black suits are also very appropriate for such events. Each man should own one sturdy black suit or tuxedo that he can use in every formal occasion he gets invited to throughout the year. Of course, you wouldn’t want to buy a new one for every single vent you are invited to. 


It could be a suit, but colors usually are not too dark and have no distinct patterns. Certainly, in semi-formal events, tuxedos are nowhere to be seen. Dress shirts and dress shoes go along with occasions like these. Long sleeves and ties are also acceptable. 

In a semi-formal event, try not to be overly dressed. Not only it will affect the person, but the people around him will be too uncomfortable as well. Aside for that, semi-formal can be worn anywhere and can be of help when having another appointment or a number of appointments for the day.

Business Casual

For business casuals, these could be a dress shirt, normally tucked in, and a sturdy coat. Coats and sports jackets can be in dark, nude colors. Trousers are in too but certainly no ties at all. A good pair of shoes can be worn as well. Not all black leather shoes of course but it can be good too.


For casual events, anything comfortable would be appropriate. It could be jeans paired with light, comfy shirts. Shorts are also acceptable, and light colors are good as well. The only thing about the casual dress is that men should consider the weather and temperature of a place. No one wants to be bundled up with layers of clothing ina tropical place of course.

One important thing to remember as well is to dress safely. This is when one is uncertain of what to wear or when the dress code is not properly announced. Men can either directly ask the host of the vent about the dress code or ask other people they know who got invited as well as to what is the dress code.

There are also chances that dress code may change the last minute so better keep in touch with the host or like what is said, dress safely. It means to prepare clothes that can be flexible to dress up or dress down. A man must certainly anticipate such changes especially last minute changes. Going through this tiny hassle can mean so much to avoid the embarrassment of being too overdressed or underdressed.

Dressing Up For Life’s Major Events


In a celebration of love and gathering, not only the wedded bring happiness and love to the occasion but guests are important contributors as well. Therefore, to be properly dressed for the occasion adds up the happiness and love in the atmosphere already present in the atmosphere. It shows support and the spirit of togetherness. Most of the wedding dress codes are usually black tie or business casual but with a touch of the motif of the wedding. So, a man must be able to color coordinate his attire and be able to put an accent to his black suit with whatever the motif is. Anyway, a black tie itself is always acceptable.

However, this is not the case for all weddings so one must be really prepared for it. You can take a hint of what you can wear by carefully examining the invitation. When the dress code is given, think of who will be the guests that will be present. Also, look at the time of the day when the event is happening. Of course, when it is in the evening reception, mostly are already dressed down compared to the wedding ceremony in the morning. At some point, coats are taken off during this time in some events. Take a look at the material used for the invitation as well. When you think it is fancy and that looks expensive materials are sued to make it, then maybe you can try dressing up to the level of its fanciness and formality.


On graduation ceremonies, normally the graduates would wear robes. The legs and lower part of the body can still be visible, and you can’t wear the robe throughout the day., so there should be an appropriate clothing worn beneath that. Coats can be heavy and bulky so a pair of long sleeves would be ideal. A pair of good leather shoes will do too. 

One does not dress up only for themselves on graduation days but also for the relatives and friends who will come to celebrate with you. Also, this is to honor and welcome guest speakers and prominent attendees at the ceremony. If it is an educational institution, then there must be a formality. 

First Date

Now, nobody wants to mess up the first date. You will want to look good and will want everything to be perfect. You can not control what your date may think of the date or the restaurant you’ve been, you have a complete control of your appearance. The date can be bad but at least you do not look bad at all.

So since a man wants to look best on first dates, a suit or sports jacket will be great. It will emphasize the shoulders and will make them look taller. Plus, a man can use the coat to offer his date when the night gets chilly. Certainly a plus point! Dark trousers or jeans can be appropriate too and a clean pair of shined shoes will totally do the trick of looking at your best.

One thing to remember as well is to tell your date of what you are going to wear to avoid her being overdressed or underdressed. This is a big factor since first dates can go in any direction and we don’t want to be on the wrong foot if we want another date soon.

First Week Of Getting Hired

When meeting people at your workplace the first time, you would want to leave an impressive remark on their first impression. A man would want to show a professional image, therefore, the dress worn on the first week on the job determines so much of how the next days are going to be.  In a casual business environment, s sports jacket or coat with a tie would be appropriate. It will send a message to the people around you that you are the man for the job.

It is also a good thing to remember to dress appropriately. Of course, you would not want to wear a suit and tie if you are a construction worker. Dress appropriately according to your job description. Suit and ties are a must if you work at a law firm. Whatever the job maybe, how you dress up on your first week on the job will really help a lot in setting the mood and adjusting to a new atmosphere, not only for you but for your new workmates as well.

Receptions And Parties

A man, in his entire life, gets invited to a number of social gatherings. Cocktail parties, victory parties, receptions, reunion and get together are just a few of these semi-formal and casual events. These are occasions where people really dress up for the event and if you are invited must not get left behind and up to your game as well.

Of course, a man should aim to be attractive at these events but avoid drawing too much attention to one’s self. We would want to appear attractive but low key. This is the kind that people in the event would turn their heads for and get interested in who just walked in.

Mostly, people at this occasion dress comfortably and slightly loose clothing. For casual parties, the dress codes can be casual or business casual. At times they may also announce a theme for these parties. At business parties as well, business casual is the dress code. At times, black tie is also suitable for such events.

Still, whatever the event may be, it is important to really get to know the dress code form the host since dress codes can vary depending on the occasions and the goers of that certain event they will hold.

Religious Services

For religious services, business casual or semi-formal always are appropriate. It does not matter if a man goes as a member or not of a certain congregation when invited, one must show respect. You will be entering into what is considered as a holy and sacred place. If possible, wear clothes that will cover the body and will appear conservative.


When going to funeral services at churches as well, it is best to wear black tie or black and white. Wearing colorful clothing at a funeral can mean disrespectful in some other religions. Wearing dark-colored suits can also be acceptable.

Attending a funeral means comforting for the bereaved family, and you do not want to attract attention to themselves. Dress in a way that shows respect and honor to the bereaved family and to the deceased.

In conclusion, how a man dresses up is a way of communication. It shows how we value ourselves and the people we are going to meet with. Dressing up for certain occasions appropriately can mean so much to the people around you and how they will treat you. Being overly dressed or underdressed for an occasion can send a different message, so dress according to the event to avoid embarrassment and unwanted attention.

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