The What’s and How’s of Wearing Socks

Why Wear Socks?

Because, socks are interesting. Interestingly though, we pay little to no attention to them but just imagine the comfort and protection socks provide. Socks are so interesting that even though they are sometimes unnoticed, it can either pull up your outfit or ruin everything. 

Let’s take a look at this overlooked piece of clothing. There’s always some reason why you spend your hard earned money on this seemingly overlooked piece of item.

The Rules About Socks

1. Make sure your socks match, no holes and stains

Wow, state the obvious. Apparently, we have all been there. Those times where we thought we’re not removing shoes any time of the day, but then suddenly you get invited over a friends house or any situation requiring you to remove your shoe. Talk about unexpected, embarrassing moments. 

2. Make sure your socks and trousers match. 

Wearing so will help give you that streamlined and sleek look with no unnecessary distraction going on between your trousers and shoes. 

However, if you feel comfortable going out and beyond, do so! You have your own personal sense of style so feel free to break the rules. If you do so, you are welcoming the non-conventional styles of socks and add more colorful and patterned ones into your wardrobe. You can also try matching your shoes, socks, and neckwear for some added twist to your otherwise boring and monotone getup. 

3. Knee length instead of ankle length

There’s this unwritten rule that a gentleman should never expose his bare leg unintentionally. How distracting it would be to unintentionally flash white hairy skin in contrast to a very dark suit. 

Unfortunately, most manufacturers do not make socks that go anywhere close to the knee because the extra material needed to reach that length can cost 25{09c4984b2daad12ea44dc04bb543566d84c83d28b9c75f61575496cafc88c793} or more. If you do want that knee-length socks, you might need to go to an exclusive men’s wear store instead of those you can see in department stores. 

4. Match your shocks to your ensemble

Wearing a black-tie would perfectly match with some lightweight, knee-high sock with sheen appearance. Sports jacket and grey flannel trousers would go perfectly well with heavy wool argyle socks. Jeans, t-shirt, and casual leather footwear could go well with a dark sock. White tube socks are best for your trips to the gym. 

How Socks Are Made

Around the year 1600, hosiery knitting machines first appeared but did not have so much impact in the industry until the 1800s when inexpensive cotton was available and made mass manufacturing possible and profitable. Today, modern knitting machines allowed manufacturers to produce socs in large numbers. Mass production of socks earned a good reputation in producing affordable socks for everyone. The downside is that most socks made today tend to be disposable and only a few percentages can actually fit a man well. Some department store socks might fit on you on the day of purchase, but you could only wish for it to fit in the next few uses. 

High-quality socks are made with better materials, but the processing takes about 50{09c4984b2daad12ea44dc04bb543566d84c83d28b9c75f61575496cafc88c793} longer than the regular ones. Since they are of higher quality, it means more time was spent to create stronger seams, more hand guiding is required, and higher quality controls are enforced in the process. Quality sock manufacturers also create a wider range of sizes, not just a generic one size fits all. However, since they are of higher quality, these socks can range from 5 to 20 times more than the less expensive ones.

Selecting Sock Fiber

Wool – Wool was used to create the earliest yarns for socks production. Today, socks made of wool are hard to find and mostly expensive, especially when you are used to buying one dollar for each pair. Wool is often mixed with synthetic fibers to achieve desirable strength and abrasion resistance making them great for hikers. Wool socks absorb moisture from the skin and release that moisture outside of the socks. Wool fiber has been known as an insulator, meaning its properties help keep your feet warm during the cold weather and keep your feet cold in hot temperatures. 

Cotton – Cotton is the most common sock material because of its inexpensive but durable quality. Typically blended with lycra or other fibers, the cotton can still hold its shape while providing an excellent fit to your foot. Additionally, cotton socks can be easily washed with detergents. Its insulation and absorption properties may be lower than wool but maintaining its condition is very easy. This makes cotton socks highly preferred. 

Cashmere and silk – This is a blend of luxury socks that provide similar benefits as wool except for the excess bulk. This sock fiber is perfect for quality dress shoes and wool suit.

Other fibers can also be blended with the above-mentioned such as nylon, acrylic, olefins, spandex, linen, bamboo, cashmere, and mohair. This is to achieve a variety of performance, durability, and elasticity. 

Types Of Socks

Athletic Performance Socks – This type of socks enhance a man’s physical performance because of its strong sweat wicking properties that trap in heat. This type of socks is also best for skiing and any other snowsport to help avoid frostbite. 

Dress Socks – Dress socks come in a wide range of materials and mostly go for darker colors such as black, charcoal grey, medium grey, bottle green, and burgundy. This type of socks is best worn with a man’s suit or casual clothing. Its lighter shade such as tan can work well with lighter clothing as well. Dress socks also have patterned ones such as the traditional argyle pattern. Today, there exists more modern and attention-grabbing colors, patterns and shades that have become more popular and available from specialty stores. 

Protection Socks – This type of socks is usually heavier as this is composed of heavier weaves and a higher concentration of insulating fibers. Fit may be compromised, but protection is otherwise maximized. Can be used to keep the feet warm despite being wet or under extreme cold weather conditions. 

In conclusion, socks may not be the first one on your list, but it’s an important item in your wardrobe. Do not settle for cheap thrills but go for a high-quality pair of socks that matches your entire look. Make sure you got socks that are comfortable for whatever occasion there is and while you cannot always go for the luxurious ones, think about buying them quality ones once in a while than buying those that will keep you purchasing again and again because of poor quality. Look your best. Be your best. 

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