The 3-Button Rule

How do you properly button your suit? Since there are 3 of them, how do you button them? Do you button only the first one, the middle one, the last one, or all of them together? 

Men are always in a business attire so there’s no better idea than keeping the 3-button rule in handy. This rule is also called the “sometimes-always-never” rule.

Let’s start at the top. Buttoning the top and middle one is SOMETIMES appropriate and stylistic if the lapel is flat. If the lapel hides the top button, only button the middle one. Buttoning the middle button is ALWAYS appropriate since the middle button naturally flares the bottom around the hips. Lastly, NEVER button the last button as it will defeat the intended tailoring and flaring effect of the middle button. 

So simple right? Top to bottom, SOMETIMES, ALWAYS, NEVER. 

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