Tying a Bow Tie

If you know how to tie a shoelace, well you probably know how to tie a bow tie.

Bow ties are another elegant accessory a man can have. Black bow ties are the classic ones, and colored ties add more sense of color and statement to your outfit.

It is also important that you get the correct size of bowtie to match your collar measurement. There are also adjustable bowties where you just insert the hook into the slot to get that perfect fit.

Some would prefer neckties over bow tie, but if you are one who’s yet to try a bow tie, learn to do it on your own with these 7 simple steps. This is just a simple knot just in case you don’t have a pre-tied bowtie.

1. Lay your tie around your neck with the left side longer than the right. Cross the left side over the right, forming an X.
2. Loop the left side upward by sliding it behind the right side.
3. With the left side on one hand, fold the right side using another hand to expose the bow-shaped end of the tie.
4. Bring down the left side and place it in front across the middle of the bow.
5. Bring the longer end behind the bow then pinch and fold.
6. Tuck it in the loop you created in step 5.
7. Finally, adjust the bowtie until you see that the wings are symmetrical, make sure your bowtie lays flat and horizontal.

To undo the bowtie, just pull both ends together.

Your finished knot will also depend on the style of the tie. There will be a slight variation on the fifth step for the following styles:

– Butterfly Shape: This style has wide ends and small knot at the center.
– Batwing or Straight end: This style has much wider tips than at the center.
– Pointed: From the term itself, this style has ends that should stick beyond the edges of the loop. This bow tie should be folded at the widest part of the curve, and its wings should be precisely aligned.

Practice makes perfect so try tying it in front of a mirror a few times. Beginners are recommended to practice it around their thigh since it has almost the same circumference as your neck. Plus, you can see it better that way.

Bowties are perfect for widespread collars but never on button-down shirts. Wider wings are also best for men with larger faces and slim-faced men should also opt for a slimmer look.  

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