What Women Love About Men

Simplicity is attractive. But a little bit of statement can be a score! 

Want to know what women want men to wear? Below are the ten items you need to have. 

1.  Well-Fitted Suit

Suits are attractive, how much more if it fits perfectly on you. Suits are worn for business and fancy events, and wearing them now and then can definitely attract the ladies. Women love effort, so if you dress up nicely for special occasions, you are definitely impressing them. 

2.  Watch

A minimalist but nice wristwatch can attract a woman’s attention. While using smartphones to tell the time is more common these days, there’s still nothing more polite than a simple flick of the wrist to check the time. Your timepiece can even be a conversation starter, plus, it adds up to your sharp and classy look. 

3. Fragrance

A woman’s sense of smell is pretty sensitive and is even rated more important than visual cues. 

Go get the perfect fragrance that best suits your natural body scent, so it does not overpower anything but instead creates a distinct but flattering scent. 

4. Pink

They say “Real Men Wear Pink.” Ladies find you attractive especially if you have pastel pinks in your wardrobe. Women love pink and cute stuff, but when a man wears that color, they find you attractive and masculine. 

5. Boxer Briefs

Boxer brief is the best of both worlds. It has the comfort of a brief but in the shape of a boxer. It’s a very comfortable item which you can even wear at the gym or when you go for a run. It also shapes your lower torso and is neither too tight nor too loose. 

6. Well-Fitted Jeans

Jeans are timeless. It’s a daily wear, and every guy needs a good pair in his closet. But, not all types of jeans look good on all due to the differences in shapes and sizes, so trial and error in finding that perfect pair of jeans is inevitable. Nevertheless, if you found the one that fits you well, wear it. Women loved jeans even before so there’s no wonder they absolutely still and always will. 

7. Stylish Footwear

The shoes are the windows to your style. How your footwear looks can either rock your outfit or ruin it. Some women would even find you unattractive no matter how good-looking you are if you have a terrible taste in shoes. Stylish formal shoes such as Oxfords, Monk Straps, Italian moccasins are worth investing in. 

8. Sweaters

Specifically, cashmere which is a light-weight kind of wool with great insulation, sweaters are functional and fashionable at the same time. Its softness attracts women because they love guys with a warm side. 

You also want to have one, especially during the winter season so it’ll come in handy when you want to get close to a woman to make her feel safe and warm. Warmth + thoughtfulness equals = perfect! 

9. V-Neck

Do not underestimate the power of a V-neck. The v-shaped neckline makes your cheekbones appear wider, giving you a stronger appeal. Women love gents wearing a balanced casual, but dressed-up ensemble and V-neck does both effortlessly. Shirts for summer and sweaters for autumn. Just don’t overdo it. Do not wear V-necks that go beyond and overexpose the chest because that is such a huge turn-off. 

10. Smile

Nothing beats a great smile on your face topped up with fresh breath. Remember, women love fragrance and while you are not putting on perfume on your mouth, make sure you are ready for any conversation. 

An article published in 2013 journal Cognition and Emotion reveals how attractive and effective smiling is. It’s simple, cheap but is definitely a head-turner. 

So, flash your smile and remember to always look your best. Make oral hygiene your priority, and that includes visiting your dentist every six months.

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