How to Wear a Suit without A Tie

Suits are awesome. They make you look so mature and smart. Shirts do that as well. And then you’re torn between wearing a tie or not because your shirt and suit look awesome already but the tie is a must. Or is it?

Most people will wear a tie. But did you know that you can still look your best without wearing one? I’ll tell you how. I’ll be using terms such as jacket, sports coat, blazers, and suit in this article.

We know that a suit is when the jacket and trousers are made of similar fabric. Most men today wear a sports coat or blazers, but the rules are similar. 

Here Are Five Tips To Rock A Tieless Suit:

1. Proper Environment

There is a proper moment in everything. The same goes with a suit. A proper environment is a must.

You cannot wear the same suit at all events since there are certain environments that do require aesthetics. Some high-end restaurants might need you to wear a jacket and tie or that your work requires the same.

It also pays to research the place before going and figuring out what to wear. Not wearing the proper outfit would be beyond embarrassing, right?

If you can’t get a clear answer though, but you still don’t want to wear a tie, still do it with confidence. Don’t be afraid to make your own statement so don’t keep your fashion style boxed up. 

2. The Collar

Not wearing a tie will emphasize your collar.  How your collar looks is very important since it frames your face. It defines your chin and neckline, so the placket, the shirt’s panel where the buttons and buttonholes are located is very crucial in this. 

Most plackets of the dress shirts are not that strong enough, resulting to a gaping and not that crisp collar. It’s important to look for a dress shirt with a reinforced placket to create that perfect no-tie outfit. 

Now that the placket issue is solved, here’s what you need to do with the collar. Here’s how to keep a crisp collar:

– Iron it. This is the first thing you do. You may also want to spray some starch to make it extra firm.

– Try to save up for some dry cleaning, and you can choose to have your shirt lightly heavily starched.

3. Button Drop

There is going to be some unbuttoning to do here. The question is, how many button drops, one or two? There are few things to consider when doing so and your confidence level is also important here. Keep in mind the following:

– What it conveys. If you are confident in unbuttoning more, you can definitely do it. Just make sure that it is appropriate for the event, the audience, and the overall aesthetics of your outfit.

– The number of buttons on your jacket. A jacket with many buttons will squeeze the shirt together tighter, creating a not that casual but not that formal look. 1 or 2 buttons will open the shirt wider which gives a more casual look. 

4. Hide Your Undershirts

The undershirt is important because it insulates, protects the over shirt from body oils and smoothens the torso for a better fitting shirt. 

However, your undershirt should be hidden. The open collar helps frame the face and creates a sleek look. Wearing an undershirt that goes beyond the opened button will only create a bulky look, ruining your overall outfit. A v-neck instead of a crew neck will keep a sleek and polished look. 

5. Accessorize

Your necktie is like a focal point, it draws attention and completes your look. Not wearing it will emphasize your other accessories that is why you should also focus on your other accessories when going tieless. Your other accessories are as follows:

– Pocket square: The pocket square, just like the tie, is just as important in keeping your suit as sleek as possible. There are many gentlemen who don’t know how to sport this accessory that much. It is just very simple. Get yourself some plain kerchief or pocket square, make a straight fold and place it in your pocket square exposing about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of it.

– Cufflinks:  This accessory often goes unnoticed, but cufflinks are an absolute game changer. Have a fun pair that you are confident enough to wear.

– Watch: Your watch is a staple accessory. Make sure that your watch compliments your shoes and belt well. Your metal watch should match your belt buckle’s metal. If you have a leather band watch, it should be the same color as your belt and shoes. Well, this is a general outfit.

– Lapel Pin: Lapel pins are more of a trendy modern element which you can absolutely work on. Just be confident in wearing it as it is not a traditional piece. Also, make sure that the pin is not overpowering or distracting. It should be simple but complements the whole suit.

– Shoes: You can wear whatever shoes you want depending on your style and confidence. But there are still guides on what shoes to match your suit. For example, a whole cut shoe is much more elegant and refined. A loafer is more casual and works with lighter colored suits.

– Bracelets: Not a very common or traditional accessory but again, you wear it with confidence. There are traditional metal bracelets, but some men opt for beaded bracelets or Shamballa. Whatever you want, the key here is to keep them balanced. Also, remember that all metals should be the same on the whole outfit, so there’s no distraction and ruining of your look. 

More Tips!

– The suit jacket is best when tailored to fit. While some may easily find one that suits them, there are body types that might need some customization for proper fit.

– The waistband is also very important. Make sure it’s comfortable and the correct size. If you have a trouser but not that perfect fit, you can have a tailor fix it. A belt is also designed to help your pants stay in place, not lift baggy or loose pants. Properly hemmed pant leg will make your pants look long and sleek.

– Your facial hair matters as well. Whether you have facial hair or not, what’s important is that you are well groomed. Your mustache or beard should be nice and crisp. 

Rocking your outfit is all about comfort and confidence.

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