Men’s Nine Suit Must-Haves

Men need a suit. And they need more than one suit. But a quality suit is often expensive, and not all men have the funds. 

Since buying suits are quite expensive, you really want to maximize how you spend. As much as possible buy something that’s versatile. Don’t buy something that you really love but can rarely wear, especially if you are on a budget. 

Some suits and colors are very simple and versatile which can be deemed very useful as well. Let’s talk about these nine suit colors and rank them accordingly. 

1. Navy Blue

Navy blue suits are very versatile and can be paired with most shoe colors. Wearing this effortlessly gives you a smart and classy look. The color is simple and straightforward so adding fashion-forward details will not make your outfit look awkward. 

2. Charcoal Grey

Charcoal grey is also a versatile color next to the navy. Navy color makes men look younger, but charcoal creates a more mature look. 

The charcoal color is nearly black which means it’s neutral and can go well with a variety of details and colors. You can be adventurous with this color. This color is also ideal for formal events such as church, weddings, funerals, or business meetings. 

3. Medium Grey/Cambridge

Still on the grey spectrum but medium gray has a marked difference from charcoal grey. 

The medium grey suit is a little lighter and is not as formal as charcoal and navy blue. 

These first three suit colors make up a versatile wardrobe especially with slight differences in the suits’ details. 

4. Light Grey 

The light grey suit has a distinct light shade compared to the other greys. This color works well for spring, summer, and fall and is much more casual but still classy. 

This color also breaks the monotony of usual shades since it’s easier to include patterns and details such as checks and herringbone as they are more visible. 

5. Black Suit

Black is neutral but not that versatile compared to the first four. It does not work on all skin types because it works well for men with a darker complexion and dark hair. The versatility is very limited because of its distinct contrast from other colors. This is perhaps the reason why black suits do not look flattering on lighter-skinned men such as a redhead. 

Black suits are perfect for black-tie events and other formal celebrations. A black suit is also appropriate for funerals. 

6. Dark Brown Men’s Suit

A dark brown suit is not a formal wear and should be avoided when attending business dressing events. This color works well with dark complexion and hair. However, it also works well for redheads and men with ruddier complexions. 

7. Tan / Khaki

This color can fall under the same category as a brown suit but not on a much lighter shade. This suit can also work well as a summer wear and allows you to wear pastel colors because of its low contrast effect. 

8. True Blue

Unlike navy blue, true blue can be quite challenging to wear and also hard to find. It’s mostly worn as a sports jacket with non-matching trousers. Public personalities such as Prince William, Prince Harry, and Vladimir Putin popularized the hue of this color. This is also very popular in Europe and some parts of Asia. Grab your true blue suit unless you already have the versatile ones at hand as this color is more on the casual side. 

9. White Men’s Suits

Finally, the white suit. 

The white suit often looks odd when worn on random events. It’s a head turner so its perfect for white parties or significant presentations that require attention. 

The white suit is not that necessary though so don’t stress about not having it on your closet. 

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