Men’s Dressing Guide by Body Type

Have you experienced seeing an amazing outfit in the magazine? And when you dropped by a store, you saw that similar outfit, so you grabbed them and tried it on, but you realized you look nothing like in the picture you saw? 

Yes, we have been there, and that’s quite a frustrating situation though. Why? Perhaps, you don’t have the same body type as the model in the picture. Reality check, we are all created differently, especially our bodies. 

But! That’s actually not bad news. Certain styles are also designed to fit specific body types. 

In this article, I’ll guide you how to choose the correct outfit and rock them whatever your body type is. 

But before we go that, here are a few rules for you to keep in mind:

– Follow your body shape and type over fashion trend

– Your tailor should be like your best friend, know them by their first name

– Your dress should depend on your current body, not on the 2-year plan you are still working or plan to work on

Below are the 5 male body types and what outfit to choose:

1. Rectangle

The rectangular body shape usually features a tall and thin frame with the shoulders almost the same width as their waist and hips. 

What To Wear:

With this body type, you’ll need to create an illusion of structure; thus, clothing that widens the shoulders will be helpful. 

The key here is to create a silhouette across the middle of the body.

– Horizontal Stripes: stripes in the upper torso can definitely add width to your frame. Short and long-sleeved Breton tees are ideal.

– Structured tailoring: Structured blazers and suit jackets already add size to the shoulders, but you can also ask your tailor to emphasize your waist by slightly taking in at the back.

– Layered: Button-down shirts and fine gauge crew neck jumpers should be a part of your closet as these clothing add instant bulk to your frame.

– Scarf: You can easily add a structure to your upper torso by draping a scarf or neatly tying it around your neck.

– Printed, colored and detailed tops. 

What Not To Wear

Double-breasted jackets: A single-breasted style is better as double-breasted does little to nothing on a rectangle-shaped body. 

2. Trapezoid

The trapezoid-shaped body is also referred to as the ‘average build’ in which designers use as the foundation. This could mean that most clothing you can find on the shelf can fit you well with little to no adjustments. 

A trapezoid-shaped body has broad collarbones and shoulders which creates a wide upper torso and narrow waist, giving an overall trapezoidal shape. 

What To Wear:

Trapezoid-shaped body looks very athletic so take advantage of that by wearing slim and fitted clothes. 

– Trousers: Don’t ever wear baggy clothes. Opt for something fit or have your trousers tailored or customized. You won’t have any problems with colors and patterns and cuffs and pleats would look really nice on you.

– Shirts: Any shirt will look totally fine, but vertical stripes will make you a little taller while checks and plaids widen your upper torso. Just pick one that matches your height as well.

– Jackets: Blazers and jackets make your waist look slimmer and your shoulders broader. A single button at the waist is perfect.

– Neckties: Regular neckties, those that have normal length and normal width are recommended with your body type. Short, skinny or over-sized neckties won’t do justice to your body. 

What Not To Wear:

With your athletic shape, you don’t seem to have any problem with any type of clothing at all. Just don’t ruin your look by wearing clothes that don’t fit you perfectly. Clean lines and a good personal style will make you look sharp. Just don’t wear anything baggy, loose, or ordinary looking. 

3. Oval

The oval-shaped body features a wider torso that is wider than the shoulders and hips. It is also referred to as full-bodied, round, stocky or fleshy. Men with this build also tend to have shorter and broader limbs that also widen at midpoints.           

Of course, with this body shape, men would want clothes that slim and frame down their body. 

What To Wear:

– Dark, solid colors will always look good to oval-shaped body type.

– Trousers: Wear trousers that are comfortable enough but not too loose. Never belt so tight that it creates pinches and wrinkles.

– Suspenders: You can never go wrong with suspenders. Suspenders hold the trouser smoothly. Also, wear your trousers to your natural waist instead of squeezing your stomach all upward.

Pleats: Pleats are also ideal because it helps the pants widen when sitting which adds comfort for men with larger thighs or bottoms.

– Shirts: A wider collar shirt should look perfect on you. Do not wear shirts that are either too tight or too loose. Always opt for something that’s comfortable enough.

Jackets: A perfect jacket for bulk men are dark, single-breasted and slightly tapered. Don’t wear a sharply tapered jacket around the waist as it will only pinch your stomach.

Neckties: Bow ties are a great alternative for neckties if you want to avoid something draping over your stomach. If you really like neckties, go for something decently wide but long enough to reach your belt. 

What Not To Wear:

Since you are bulky, never wear

– Tight fits – Don’t squeeze into your clothing because that is an absolute no-no. It will only add more bulk and wrinkles.

– Patterns and so much visual: Patterns can draw attention to the midsection, which is something you might want to avoid. Only wear something that will guide the eye to your face than your midsection. 

4. Triangle

As men get older, they tend to have a larger waist compared to their hips, creating a triangular shape. 

A triangular-shaped body does not necessarily mean you have a bad shape. It only means finding clothes to match your body type can be quite challenging since most manufacturers design clothing fit for an inverted triangle body shape. 

What To Wear:

– Tailored patterned blazers: Patterns and details can create an illusion as well as take away the focus from the larger waist.

– Vertical stripes: This pattern can create an effect that elongates and slims down the body.

– Jackets with structured shoulders: Structured shoulders can help create a framed shoulder.

– Single-breasted suits: These type of suits create a more relaxed and slimming look. You can customize your jackets that has a structured top but extra room around the waist to bring proportion to your body.

– Bright panels: Patterns around the upper body can help create a wide look on the narrow upper torso. Colors and details will help get that look. As for the wider lower base, wear shirts with dark color panels on this are. 

What Not To Wear:

– Fitted shirts and roll necks: because these clothing tend to be tight around the upper torso, it will only emphasize the slouched shoulders and accentuate wide or round waist.

– Busy prints: While bright and colorful panels can create proportion to your triangular-shaped body, brighter colors and busy prints can draw attention to your torso. Do not wear bold belts as well as it will only emphasize the width of your waist.

– Skinny fits and tapers: Skinny fits are not ideal as this emphasizes the wide lower torso more. Wear straight-jeans to create proportion. 

5. Inverted Triangle

The inverted triangle shape features wide shoulders and narrow waist. Your chest and shoulders are significantly wider than your waist and hips. While some have natural triangle body shape, some would have hectic training gym workouts to achieve this body. Choosing clothes for this body type can be quite challenging. 

What To Wear:

Don’t be afraid to show off your toned body. It’s ideal that you wear close-fitting clothes that feature the sharp lines of your torso.

– Horizontal stripes: These stripes can help widen your narrow waist.

– Slim-fit shirts: While you still want to feature your slim torso, wear shirts that are fit enough but not too body hugging.

– Slim cotton polo shirt: Cotton shirts with spandex mix will emphasize your broad shoulders but at the same time create a tailored look on your waist.

– V-neck shirts: The V-shaped collar can draw attention to your torso instead of focusing on your broad chest and shoulders.

– Straight jeans: Slim fit pants but not too skinny will do fine. Skinny pants will only emphasize your chicken legs. Patterned pants can also distract the eye from your broad upper body.

– Trousers with large seat drop: Larger seat drops in trousers can create a wider look on the lower body.

– Jackets: Opt for jackets that follow your torso’s natural line. 

What Not To Wear:

– Structured tailoring: Suits with shoulder paddings can heavily emphasize your upper body so it’s better to wear unstructured silhouettes.

– Prints and patterns: Detailed shirts can only emphasize your upper body and create an out of proportion look.

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